First day in #InternationalRebellion for Climate Change

The rebel's base camp was in Marble Arch
Parliament Square was fleed with Extinction Rebellion’s watch remind us we are running out fo time

The #InternationalRebellion for Climate Change has begun. Yesterday, Monday 15th, thousand people gather on the street in protest for the environment.

Their intention is causing huge disruptions on the main roads in London.

Extinction Rebellion, a British environment group, has organised these actions with rallies in more than 30 countries. The main action is in London. Not everybody is happy, though. But the #InternationalRebellion for Climate Change has begun.

The group XR will keep block roads and actions as long as they can. As long as the police allow them, indeed.

On Monday, police arrested more than 50 people. Moreover, according to the Met Police, many more were “imposed a condition upon ongoing Extinction Rebellion demonstration”.

Protesters lay down pretending to be dead.

For keeping the position, the protesters have camped around the City of London: Marble Arch, Oxford circus, Parlament Square, Picadilly Circus, and Waterloo Bridge.

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