Pets are a responsibility

Dog sucking owner, pets are responsability. Creator: Michael

Since we the pandemic started last spring, the interest in acquiring pets has skyrocketed. Looking at the online search for ‘adopting a dog’ rose from 69,000 in January, before Covid-19, to 140,000 in April and 210,000 in July. In the same month last year, July 2019, there were just 49,500 searches. But remember; pets are a responsibility, too.

Experts welcome this interest, but they warn a pet is not a toy for the pandemic, they are for life. Samantha Gaines, from PFMA, says: “We are concerned that some families may not be considering the long-term commitment of taking on a dog”. It’s not like a hobby, pets are a responsibility.

In Spain, the interest has raised, too. The Association for the Liberation and Welfare of Animals (ALBA) told about the interest in adopting “What we have noticed, is that many people have shown solidarity with pet shelters. They offer to temporarily adopt a pet while the owner is unable to take care of them.”

Affinity Foundation did a study which states 70% of the pet-parents have detected a change in dogs’ behaviours since the first lockdown. Luis Al-Dada, Spanish trainer, says animals and owners are connected through the emotions, “we are and how we feel is going to affect how our pet sees us, and the world”.

This story was first published at The Vegan Review, to read full story click here

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