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Green homes come to Britain

Ikea will bring green homes come to Britain. We’ve heard about Ikea’s green homes for a while now, but Boklok homes exchanged the first contracts last week. Ikea and Skanska own Boklok and it has built home in Scandinavia since the late 90s. The first British ones will be built in Bristol, Worthing and Peacehaven.

we are heading the sixth mass extinction. Bumblebee Conservation Trust has lunched a program to count insect population decreese. They are paramount for pollitization. published in the green bee. Author Juanele Villanueva

Let’s count bugs!

According to scientists reports, we are heading the sixth mass extinction, and the insects are the first casualties. Bumblebee Conservation Trust challenges schools and colleges to generate new scientific discoveries. They launched the BigbeeWalk Data Competition which might help. For that purpose, the Trust has made available to participants hundreds of thousands of bumblebee records …

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Volunteers plant trees with City of Trees. City of Trees has planed to plant millions of trees. One Tree per person. Published in The Gree Bee. Author Juanele Villanueva.

City of Trees want to plant one tree per person in Greater Manchester

The need of having trees to keep a clean air is out of any doubt. Planting one tree per person in Greater Manchester, ideally up to 3 million, is the aim of City of Trees, this is one tree per person. This charity seeks to look after the environment and fight climate change by reforesting …

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