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This is the Green Bee’s hive. From here we will tell eco-news from Greater Manchester and the UK on behalf of our little green friend. Trustworthy, knowledgeable, and independent information is something of paramount importance in the era of Fake News and digital noise.

The Green Bee is our token. It represents the 6th mass extinction than the scientist alert we are heading off. Moreover, Climate Change doesn’t mean just a rise in temperatures, but a loss of the wildlife habitat, acidification in the ocean and cross the boundaries what will make the planet inhabitable as we know nowadays.

“Since climate change is threatening to inflict great upheaval through famines, and migration waves, the questions arises of whether traditional professional dichotomies between ‘objetive’ and ‘balanced’ versos ‘advocacy’ journalism are adequate in the face of such social and environmental challenges“.
Journalism Studies: Environmental Journalism by Henrik Bødker & Irene Neverla

What The Green Bee will tell you

Here you will find what the mass media consider inadequate for its readers. In others words, current environmental affairs from a different approach and featured articles, which will develop in-depth the topics that we are concern about: Pollution, energy, transport, healthy food, and what the authorities are against these issues.

Furthermore, We’ll use the tools the Internet provides to report accurate and clear information, and we’ll share it on our FACEBOOK page and our TWITTER account. We work to provide a convenient way of delivering our content.

On the other hand, there will be also a tab in Spanish in order to reach an international audience and show what the UK is doing.

We started this project in October 2019. Since then it has been a frenetic year furnishing this little hive, and it is still in progress. So, if you have communication skills and you’re interested in environmental issues, feel free to contact us at editor@thegreenbee.co.uk

Juan Villanueva

Juan Villanueva is the editor at
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