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Esta colmena online es la lanzadera desde donde lanzo mis noticias ecológicas. Mientras estaba estudiando un master en Manchester me interesé por los temas medioambientales; para cuando lo terminé estaba horrorizado del mal estado de nuestro planeta. Pero sentí que la mayoría de la gente se daba cuenta del daño que habíamos hecho y de que nos estamos quedando sin tiempo. Así decidí fromar parte de esa corriente y usar mis habilidades para compartir información fiable y valiosa que nos ayude a unir nuestras fuezas.

Allí cubrí protestas, entrevisé científicos y seguí las noticias locales y nacionales para entender qué pasaba y qué podemos hacer. Lo mismo quiero hacer ahora desde España donde me he mudado. Mezclaré idiomas, temas e intereses de este mundo en caos y orden que debemos preservar.

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Juan Villanueva aka Juanele


“Since climate change is threatening to inflict great upheaval through famines, and migration waves, the questions arises of whether traditional professional dichotomies between ‘objetive’ and ‘balanced’ versos ‘advocacy’ journalism are adequate in the face of such social and environmental challenges“.
Journalism Studies: Environmental Journalism by Henrik Bødker & Irene Neverl


What The Green Bee will tell you


This online-hive is the shuttle from where I launch my eco news. While I was doing a master in Manchester, I became interested in environmental affairs; when I finished the course, I was shocked by the dire conditions of our world. I felt there was an awakening, though, and people realised we were running out of time. So I decided to participate in the movement and use my skills to share trustworthy information and valuable, which will help our joint efforts.

There, I covered protests and interviewed scientists; I researched topics and read papers. I followed the local and national news to understand what was going on and what could we possibly do. The same I want to do now from Spain, where I moved on. I will mix languages, topics and interests in this beautiful world in chaos & order that we should look after.

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Juan Villanueva aka Juanele

Juan Villanueva aka Juanele The Green Bee´s editor





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